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Amino acid

Amino acids are the building blocks to forming proteins: they are the acids formed from the coding of a triplet of bases in the DNA. There are 20 amino acids, and most have several triplets which code for them.

Animal model

Humans and animals share many similarities in physiology, anatomy, and genetics. Animals can therefore act as an effective model for humans and are especially useful in studying genetic conditions. 

Animal model

An animal model utilises a non-human species to be studied to understand particular biological phenomena, to provide insight into the workings of other organisms.


Baseline data

This is data that is collected on patients at the beginning of the clinical trial.


Blinding means setting up a trial in a way which prevents anyone from knowing which participants are in the control group and which are in the treatment group.

Boilerplate paragraph

It is the small section at the end of the press release that provides some background information about the organisation or group, including what the group does, its mission and past accomplishments. It comes under the “Notes to Editor” section along with relevant links to the website and social media channels.

Budget impact

The change in levels of spending because of a decision.

Budget impact

The change in levels of spending because of a decision



A person who is generally not affected with the condition (at that moment), but carries one faulty copy of a gene

Clinical research

Clinical research is any research that requires human participation. This could include giving biological samples (e.g. blood or tissue), answering health questionnaires, giving researchers access to medical records, or taking part in a clinical trial